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Six simple steps to help you improve your Asthma control: World Asthma Day 2017

Self-Management of Asthma improves patient quality of life, reduces symptoms and visits to Accident and Emergency. Asthma affects 334 million of us Worldwide. In the UK we take-up 6 million appointments with our GPs and 100,000 of us are admitted to hospital via A&E as a result of this long-term condition. Even more tragically, 1,468 people died from asthma attacks in the UK in 2015, an increase…

Simple lifestyle and activity changes can make a world of difference to your quality of sleep and health

There is a new sense that a growing lack of sleep or insomnia can store up future health problems for us. Some would even go far enough to say: “Sleep is a key marker of health and good sleep habits are critical for improving the quality of life (1).” This is supported by considerable research indicating the scale of insomnia and that significant sleep disorders are associated with reduced quality…

Spring Arrives - Taking Care of Asthma

Asthma affects the lives of 5.4 million people across the UK. Every ten seconds someone in the UK has a potentially life-threatening asthma attack. In a recent survey by Asthma UK, 82% of asthmatics feel that they do not have their asthma under control (1). Tragically, three people die every day from asthma but two thirds of these deaths could be prevented with learning how to become expert in asthma…

Exercise Helps Counter Cancer-Linked Fatigue

Psychological treatment and education can be useful, too, more so than drugs, study finds. Written by Alan Mozes, HealthDay News.

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