Why it works

When we self-monitor, we become more mindful of our habits. This in turn alters our awareness and our behaviour changes as a result. This is known as social cognitive behaviour change.

Tracking our activity, weight, lung function, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, food intake and alcohol consumption, allows us to learn for ourselves how our body responds and about our habits.

Activ8rlives provide the tools for you to keep yourself and your family well:

  • Are you and your family doing enough activity to stay healthy?
  • Why do you put on weight even though you exercise?
  • What happens to your muscle mass when you starve yourself and lose weight too fast?
  • What changes can be made to your diet and how does this and your activity level change your weight?
  • How does your lung capacity change when you exercise regularly?
  • How does your Peak Flow change when you take your prescribed Asthma medication?
  • How much activity affects your blood pressure reading?
  • What happens to your blood glucose control when you lose weight if you have type 2 diabetes?
  • How does your neck size affect your sleep apnoea?
  • Am I drinking enough as part of balanced diet?

Self-monitoring is an easy way to change our behaviour and it works. But why do we stop?

Engagement is much easier if the tools we use are simple and if we are working as a family or in a group. Activ8rlives is designed around the family and groups. Studies show that best results are achieved when the whole family self-monitors or when we work in self-help groups.

The games we include and the rewards we win help us to stay engaged.

The longer we stay engaged, the more successful we are.

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