Healthcare Solutions

  • Self-Management through Self-Monitoring

    Being active, eating well and staying healthy

    Our strategy is to develop expert systems that can be used by consumers and their healthcare service providers to better self-manage long-term conditions through self-monitoring at home. 

    Increased long-term engagement with our Cloud-connecting health monitoring devices helps the user see patterns in their data, which will in turn increases adherence resulting in greater efficacy of treatment processes and the adoption of healthier behaviours. 

    By self-monitoring with simple devices through Activ8rlives, users can be alerted earlier, seek treatment sooner and can prevent small problems escalating to the point where emergency admission to hospital may be the only option.

  • Biomarker Tests

    Home-based test to predict flare-ups in chest infections

    A natural extension of our philosophy of self-management through self-monitoring is the Company’s development of a home-based test to predict flare-ups in chest infections (in people of all ages) who have long-term respiratory conditions, to reduce hospital admissions and improve healthcare. Our system is ideally suited for those with long-term conditions such as: Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD or emphysema), Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and non-CF Bronchiectasis (NCFB).

  • Always Connected

    Overcome connectivity problems between USB devices and Smartphones with no wirelsss connection.

    Our Always Connected strategy bridges the chasm between medical devices that are mostly USB and internet-connected Smartphones/Tablets, and between wireless medical devices and Smartphones because not all of these consumer platforms have wireless capability. With POGO acting as a USB and wireless host, moving data from medical devices to and from the cloud is made possible with low-cost consumer Smartphones and Tablets that are not wireless enabled.

    We are developing this strategy with simple-to-use but sophisticated solutions that solve the problem of how to move information between the Cloud and our monitors for people who do not even have Smartphones/Tablets or broadband and for the multi-member family environment, offering real-time monitoring and feedback.

  • Corporate Wellness

    Benefitting from a healthy and active workplace

    Activ8rlives is an adaptable and scalable solution to fit your budget and improve the health and wellbeing of your employees. By supporting and providing your employees with the right tools to self-monitor their health and by encouraging and rewarding the adoption of healthy behaviours through self-management of a healthy lifestyle and chronic diseases, your employees can benefit from a healthier life and be more productive as a result.

    View our Wellness case studies here.

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  • Healthcare Collaborators

    Working together to provide simple tools to keep us active, eating well and staying healthy

    We work with a highly talented team of collaborators, brilliant technologists, passionate clinicians, mentors/supporters in the NHS and of course, our customers and volunteers whom we adore. 

    We are forming partnerships with eHealth manufacturers, platform and communication suppliers, healthcare providers, and associations.

    If you feel you can contribute to the further development of our platforms, devices and would like to collaborate to develop new services to patients using our products, please get in touch with us

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