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Blood Pressure2 Monitor

Uploads data directly to the free Activ8rlives4 Health+Wellness App

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The Activ8rlives Blood Pressure2 Monitor is an easy-to-use device that can measure your blood pressure - which is especially useful if you suffer from previously diagnosed conditions that result in high or low blood pressure. The new Activ8rlives Blood Pressure2 Monitor is available in two cuff sizes for the upper-arm: Small to Medium (17-32 cm Pink) and Medium to Large (25-48cm Blue).

The Activ8rlives Blood Pressure2 Monitors use the Oscillometric Measuring Method to detect blood pressure. Before every measurement, it establishes a “zero point” equivalent to atmospheric pressure. Then it inflates the cuff. The device detects pressure oscillations generated beat-to-beat by your heart. It measures two pressures called: Systolic pressure and Diastolic pressure, as well as your Heartrate.

These devices are intended for measuring the blood pressure on the upper-arm and is intended for use by adults only.

The Activ8rlives Blood Pressure2 Monitor automatically uploads information via Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) connection to your Smartphone or Tablet via the free Activ8rlives Health+Wellness App or the subscription Asthma⁺me and Active⁺me REMOTE apps (iOS 12 or later, Android 10 or later).

We take data security seriously and the first time you set-up and try to connect your Activ8rlives Blood Pressure2 Monitor to the Activ8rlives4 Health+Wellness App, you will need to identify your device for additional security of your data. Once connected, no-one else will be able to “listen-in” or capture your data when you are taking a reading.

By measuring your blood pressure at home, it allows you to learn to self-care for your health and wellbeing and better support your family and friends with theirs. However, it is not self-diagnosis and you should not use this device to self-diagnose medical conditions.


  • Accurately measures Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure and heartrate. Bright-LCD back lights with Green, Yellow or Red colour depending on where your reading falls in comparison to the WHO blood pressure classification.
  • Use on Upper-arm for accuracy of measurement, with two cuff circumference sizes: Small-Medium (17-32cm Pink) and Medium-Large (25-48cm).
  • Single integrated unit with wireless connection set-up - no programming required.
  • Easy for self-use, bright LCD display and one button for ease of use.
  • USB charging of battery takes 120 minutes, with battery lifetime 500 charges.
  • Automatically uploads to Activ8rlives account via the free Activ8rlives Health+Wellness App or the subscription Asthma⁺me and Active⁺me REMOTE apps (iOS 12 or later, Android 10 or later).
  • Results download to Apple Health, easy set-up via the Activ8rlives4 Health+Wellness App.
  • Complies with UK + EU privacy laws, with UK-based secure cloud servers
  • Online self-help communities.
  • Need help setting-up? Call 01480 352821
  • Rated as 4.7/5.0 by customers in our surveys
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