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Just Average Jen – BuddyBand2
Just Average Jen on her BuddyBand2

When I was asked to review the Activ8rlives BuddyBand2 waterproof activity and sleep tracker I was very excited as I have wanted an activity tracker for ages but haven’t been able to justify buying one! There are so many different activity trackers on the market I would never know where to start and the prices vary so much! There are large brands of activity trackers but they are out of so many peoples price range that this activity tracker at an RRP of £59.99 seemed a great alternative so I was keen to put it to the test!

What is the BuddyBand2?

The BuddyBand2 is an activity and sleep tracker, it is waterproof and it connects by Bluetooth to an app on smart phones. The BuddyBand2 can track steps, calories used, distance walked, the amount of active time and the quality of your sleep.

What is included in the price?

The BuddyBand2 includes a choice of 3 wrist straps, black pink and blue. Also included is the charging wire and belt clip. I am aware that other brands of activity monitor can charge extra for these so I was pleased these were included. It is also supplied with a contact phone number if you need any help in setting it up. I thought this gave great peace of mind as sometimes these things are a pain to set up and so frustrating if you can’t get it to work so knowing there is a number to call if there are any problems and that is available 7 days a week was a big positive in my eyes.

Was it easy to set up?

The Activ8rlives4 Wellness and Food Diary app was easy to find and install on my mobile phone. I use android but it is also available for apple devices. Registering on the app and setting up the BuddyBand2 was pretty straight forward. The instruction booklet was clear and after the 120 minute charging time and a quick 5 minutes to set it all up it was ready to use.

Day to day operation and ease of use

It took me a while to get used to remembering to swap it onto night mode at bedtime so didn’t track my sleep initially. It does have a function so it automatically goes into night mode at a set time but I didn’t use this as my bedtime varies a lot. Once I had remembered to actually press it the sleep tracking aspect worked well and I felt it was accurate as my partner Stuart sleeps much lighter than me and could verify that I was indeed quite deeply asleep during those times and the times it had a little blip were when I woke for the toilet!

During the day it registered my steps well and I believe pretty accurately. There were times when I was driving and it registered a couple of steps but I think this is common with any activity tracker and in driving around 8 miles it only registered about 30 steps so in my eyes that are a good level of accuracy and a fair error for it to make, especially given the speed humps around where I was!

I wore it all day and while I washed up it worked well so I am sure that the claim of it being waterproof is good. It did, however, think the bubbles in the washing up water were my fingers on the sensor and kept flicking through the menu and vibrating as it did but this wasn’t a problem and I think in reality, as with a watch, I would remove it when washing up usually. It is good however to know that if I didn’t it is waterproof and wasn’t damaged or inaccurate due to the water.

Battery life and charging

The instructions state that it has a battery life of approximately 7 days depending on use for each charge. I found this to be very accurate as despite clicking it and looking through the menus quite often it lasted 7.5 days. Charging was easy using a magnetic USB charging cable. The only issue I found was that due to the short length of the cable there were only some places I was able to charge it easily. Once you had got used to this and had a point you regularly charged the BuddyBand2 this would not be an issue however as I am sure you would just get used to it.

Any disadvantages with it?

The BuddyBand2 when paired with a smartphone can inform you of notifications such as calls or texts, unfortunately this was not possible with my android phone (Samsung S7 Edge) which was disappointing however I am hopeful that in the future it will be and really getting my phone out of my pocket to check it isn’t really a hardship is it!

Value for money

I have never used an activity tracker previously. The only thing I have used that is vaguely similar would be my running watch (which I am notoriously terrible for forgetting to stop at the end of a race!). I therefore cannot really compare this to other activity trackers through experience and only through their functions and claims listed. I do however feel that this tracker is very good value compared to other trackers I have seen available and that I know friends to use. I think the added belt clip and choice of straps is definitely a bonus. Obviously, a basic pedometer can be bought very cheaply however if you want something like this with the ability to tell you so much more I would consider this to be a good choice and well worth considering if you don’t want to pay the prices of the more well-known brands but want something that can track your activity and sleep, connect to your phone and still be comfortable and accurate.

Other Products that Activ8rlives sell which can be used alongside BuddyBand2

The BuddyBand2 is one of a number of health-related items sold by Activ8rlives, including: Body Analyser Bluetooth smart scales (I have also reviewed those), thermometer, peak flow meter, blood pressure monitor etc.

Activ8rlives have worked with medical professionals and schemes across the country to assist patients to monitor their own conditions and during rehab etc. The app is very much a health monitoring app which can be used for various conditions and concerns all in one place with various monitoring devices available.

Where can BuddyBand2 be bought?

It is available directly from, on Amazon, and eBay.


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