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Northamptonshire County Scouts World-Walk Adventure





In a World’s first for the Scouting movement, groups of Scouts walked in teams of 10 to Nyeri in Kenya – to the grave of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout movement – without leaving the County.

Nearly 400 young people in Northamptonshire County Scouts got the opportunity to use the Activ8rlives BuddyBand2 waterproof activity tracker to monitor their steps as they walked from Northampton to Kenya (virtually) – over 8,000 miles.

Being active every day helps us to stay healthy, raises our mood and improves concentration at school, work or play. The virtual World-Walk Adventure was created by Activ8rlives to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of Scouts and Scout Leaders in the Northamptonshire area whilst having fun at the same time. Progress of the teams were plotted automatically on the spectacular route using Google Maps.

37 teams of 10 Scouts per team and their Scout Leaders participated in the World-Walk Adventure with a total of 370 participants, ranging in age from 83 to 10 years of age. The World-Walk Adventure was a total distance of 8,265 miles and after 9 months of walking 10 teams had completed the adventure. The competing Scouts acummulated 201,025 miles. The average steps per person was 9,643 a day, which is automatically tracked and recorded by the online system. This is a significant success and achievement in getting a range of people of varying sporting abilities to be active each day, upload their steps via smartphone or tablet to the World-Walk Adventure on Activ8rlives.

After 3 months of walking one team had covered an astounding 4,375 miles, making their daily average step count of 12,112 steps for each participant within that Scout group.

One Scout Leader commented:

“It’s a great way to get the Scouts active throughout the day, and not just on days when the Scout teams meet. By paying just a little more attention to how active they are, they can see the health benefits and develop healthy habits to keep for a lifetime. We’ve also used the virtual walk to view a little about the places of interest along the way”.

Northamptonshire County Scouts have been awarded a unique World-Walk Adventure Scouting Badge – making them the first to ever achieve this challenge award.

The World-Walk Adventure was not a race and the emphasis was on the team, being active every day, achieving group objectives through team-work and allowing everyone, irrespective of sporting ability, to be a success in this challenge. Each traveller was encouraged to “contribute” 10,000 steps every day during the World-Walk Adventure so that the group made good progress along the route. 10,000 steps equates to about 60-80 minutes of activity each day, and reaching this target was a strong motivator to being more active.

Some Scout Leaders provided a running commentary as to where they were, how far they had come, and the significance of the surrounding area to geography, history and its political history with the use of Google Maps. Some groups regularly talked to each other over Activ8rlives’ private group chat, and this encouragment and support provided motivational reminders to upload steps and keep active to enable the completion of the Adventure.

Ron Hasler one of Northamptonshire’s County Scouts Vice Presidents secured £10,000 of Lottery Funding to make this World-Walk Adventure happen. Each Scout wore an Activ8rlives BuddyBand2 waterproof activity tracker throughout the day and uploaded their step count using the Activ8rlives App on their Smartphone.

Ron (a Kings Scout) also separately raised money whilst taking part, which will go to support the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the Northamptonshire County. He presented a cheque for the money raised at this year’s AGM – received on behalf of young people taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award by Padraic and Amber.

Thank you to Ron and also Kevin and Jessica from Activ8rlives who supplied the BuddyBand2’ and supported the project and well done to everyone who took part!



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