Rebecca gets ready for her wedding

Rebecca’s story

Rebecca works for the NHS. Her job keeps her very busy, but it leaves little time for exercise. However, she was determined to be more active and joined Activ8rlives’ Walk around the World Adventure for young people in her area.

This became part of her journey.

One of the core aspects of the Activ8rlives programme is to be consistently active and to strive to undertake 10,000 steps each day (about 60-80 minutes of activity). Very quickly, Rebecca found ways to developed her own sustainable routine, which she continues each day.

“I have three things that help me to get 10,000 steps in regularly,” explained Rebecca. “The first two were a treadmill and a dog. Every morning before work I get on my treadmill for a 15 minute jog, which gets me 2,000 steps and sets me up for the day. If I can get about 5,000 steps by the time I leave work then I know how long I need to take on the dog walk to be to get the remaining steps and I adjust the dog walk length accordingly. At the weekends I don’t do the treadmill as I would rather do much longer walks instead.”

“The third thing I had was a good incentive. I was getting married and I knew that I had six months before my wedding dress fitting. So for 6 months I focused on being active and losing weight so as to look as good as possible in my wedding dress. I also found that it’s quite addictive trying to get the steps everyday!”

Rebecca’s story shows what can be achieved through being consistently active and by being mindful of your eating. Three months before her wedding, Rebecca earned her Gold medal with Activ8rlives for undertaking 10,000 steps for 175 days.

Rebecca got married in April and we think that that the effort and consistency paid off. She looked stunning.