Sandra and Ron


Sandra and Ron are retired. Sandra helps 80 year old Ron to be active by monitoring the number of steps he takes every day with the Activ8rlives system. They spend the winter months in Malta and the summer in the UK. Sandra immediately noticed that Ron’s daily activity was influenced by the climate and day length. During their time in Malta, Ron typically achieves 12,000 steps per day but as soon as he returns to the UK in March, his activity levels decrease by 50% and gradually increases again as it becomes warmer and the day length increases.




By working together and through self monitoring, Sandra and Ron have learned about their activity patterns and are working on simple ways to make small changes during colder weather. Ron is well on his way to achieving a Gold Medal with Activ8rlives, which means he would have completed 175 days of doing 10,000 steps a day, which equates to about 80 minutes of walking for Ron on each of those days.