Whole Family

Kevin’s story

Like so many others, we are a busy working family. No time to exercise, too busy to eat the right food and storing up health problems for our futures.

What shocked us into action was the effect this was having on our children as well as ourselves.

Our kids were storing up health issues – and we were the problem, not them!

Individually, we tried diets, pre-measured food in packets and gyms, but found that only when we improved our life style together as a family, that positive changes were achieved.

These were small changes – no big deal and a lot of fun.

The key challenge was finding time to be active. So we had to reinvent our schedule as a family. My youngest daughter goes to a school too far away to walk. So we drive within 1 mile and walk the rest. What we call our “Park and stride.” This one simple change to our routine has made a big difference for myself and for my daughter (who really is the inspiration behind what we have developed). This simple action gives me a budget of 5,000 steps – about 40% of what I need each day to stay healthy. At the same time, we became very mindful of what we were eating and had to make some small, but really important changes. This self monitoring of food intake became the Food Diary. The weight fell off and stayed off, but everyday, we work at staying well. It is not always easy, but it is achievable.

We take it one day at a time. Everyday is a new opportunity.

From our own experience of reintroducing the healthy lifestyle we once had when we were younger, we developed a method which has now been ‘hard coded’ as Activ8rlives.

We work with all ‘delivery channels’ so that the tools we find empowering are shared with others. We actively participant in groups within Activ8rlives as this keeps us focused on staying healthy and well – one day at a time.

We choose to be active, to eat well and to stay healthy. This is the way that worked for us and now we share our technique with others. It will work for you if you engage, join with others in groups and keep going.

Making small changes can make a very big difference. My weight decreased from 101Kg to 86Kg. I try to maintain this weight, one day at a time.