Maggie’s Story

Asthma⁺me − bringing paediatric asthma under control

Keeping up with the grandchildren

Self-Care and Collaboration

Mindful weight management

Spend more days doing

Colin’s Story

Asthma⁺me − dedicated child asthma management

We know how important it is to follow our son’s asthma care plan by ensuring he takes his inhaler every day. It keeps his asthma under control
Callum is 12 years old and has severe asthma. He was referred to a paediatric tertiary care hospital after an asthma attack.
Supporting children with moderate to severe asthma at home
  • Comprehensive Class 1 Medical Device
  • Configurable and easy to use Smartphone or Tablet App
  • Add relevant, accurate devices wirelessly to monitor at home
  • Customer support available when you need it 7-days-a-week
Helping families keep their child’s asthma under control

Most young children need to use a metered dose inhaler (cannister type) because they cannot use the dry powder types until they are older.

These types of inhaler should always be used with a spacer.

Track doses and follow your child’s care plan with Asthma+me – dedicated to supporting children with moderate-to-severe asthma.

Read how Asthma+me helped a 6-year old with severe asthma avoid a hospital admission.

Asthma+me App, your way
The Asthma+me App

Asthma+me App is a Class 1 Medical Device available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices connecting to the Activ8rlives PUFFClicker smart inhaler adherence tracker.

Supports asthma control

Configurable dashboards so all your important data is at your fingertips to help you keep asthma under control, supported by a customisable and printable in-built care plan and PDF reports.

Designed for families

Embedded 56 lessons to help the whole family increase their knowledge of asthma and encourage positive behaviour change for better asthma control.

Active+me REMOTE

Full integrated solution
Support your patients during Cardiac and Pulmonary recovery programmes with an alternative to in-person appointments using Active+me REMOTE.
Tools to
Wireless Monitors
Connected devices to measure patient’s physiological signs at home via a dedicated clinical portal.

Medication Diaries
Connected MDI Inhaler Trackers and keep a diary with reminders of all other medications.

Patient dashboard displays pollution and weather conditions where they live.
Care Plans
Behaviour Change
Patient Interfaces
Symptom Scores, Food Diary, Clinical Diary, Charts and Custom Trackers.

Built-in Education Syllabus
Short lessons, easily readable. Track which patients are reading the materials you have prescribed. Customise and create your own educational materials.
Patients can join LIVE exercise class schedule or you can create your own
Pre-recorded exercise videos are built-in, patients are encouraged to walk each day, but being part of a group with live classes is also motivating.
Clinical Dashboard
Display, secure data transmission, connectivity to monitors. Education syllabus prescription. Alerts, review schedules, messaging.

Maggie’s Story
Yorkshire-born Maggie is a vibrant, fun loving grandmother in her mid-sixties, she has always been physically active and is of slim build, so it came as a huge surprise to her that she could have a heart attack.
Colin’s Story
“I want to be at the centre of my recovery, not being told what to do by a doctor all of the time. When you are diagnosed with something like this, you come to a grinding halt. You lose control. If you engage with the whole process, don’t be a victim, that helps.”
Active+me REMOTE
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