Aseptika Launches Activ8rlives 3.0 Wellness and Healthcare Online Solution, Incorporating the National Early Warning Score

Aseptika Limited has launched version 3.0 of the Activ8rlives Self-care and remote monitoring solution, hosting customisable Dashboards and many new features to more effectively empower patients to support their wellness and healthcare programmes at home, or support their family or friends.


The user can now select ‘Simple’, ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ settings by switching between increasingly comprehensive dashboard designs. The Simple display for the Dashboard shows the latest reading for Steps and Weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). The Advanced Dashboard provides a view of more health parameters and may be useful for those with long-term health condition(s) where they are self-managing from home. Expert is a completely configurable Dashboard, which can incorporate any custom tracker created by the user.


Activ8rlives website now displays My Health Score or the National Early Warning Score (NEWS)[1], standardising the assessment of acute-illness severity used widely in the UK’s NHS hospitals.

NEWS is based on a simple scoring system in which a number is allocated to 5 numerical physiological measurements (Vital Signs) including: Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Blood Pressure (Systolic pressure), Body Temperature and Respiration Rate. NEWS has been clinically validated and in hospital trials, reduces the number of avoidable deaths in a typical city hospital by 400 per year.

The magnitude of the NEWS score reflects how extreme the parameter varies from the norm and appears with a numerical score and coloured White, Green, Amber or Red to aid identification and highlight its status.

For patients with pulmonary (lung) or cardiovascular conditions these Key Vital Signs are so important that they are always displayed at the top of the Activ8rlives Dashboard.

The potential of NEWS in self-care systems is to create a dynamic mathematical description of the patient’s complex data sets to detect and communicate when there is a deviation from the “normal” patterns observed in the lead-up to a period of ill health.

Early Warning Scores prompt an earlier intervention to seek help from medical professionals or initiate agreed care plans.

Health Data Trending

Each Health Parameter shows when it was last recorded, displayed in the traffic light colours and displays an arrow indicating the trend direction. Users can view their Health Data in new graphical ways, selecting time periods with an interactive display to focus on areas of interest.

Users can create any number of custom trackers, which can be viewed, added, edited and deleted as they see fit. Only Clinicians or Admin users can restore deleted data and read the audit log of a user’s data. Data can be printed, saved as a PDF and emailed or exported to Excel, to share with their Healthcare team or integrate into other data tools.

Caring for Me

Activ8rlives webview now allows users to invite a family member, trusted friend or healthcare professional to care for you. When someone cares for you, they have online access to all the health data that the user generates. This allows them to provide care for you, from anywhere, as well as advocate for you during contact with the healthcare system.

NHS IG Toolkit compliant

Activ8rlives 3.0 has a completely new backend database structure, hosted in a private Cloud by Skyscape (Farnborough UK) and complies with the NHS Information Governance ToolKit (privacy, security, auditability, location and information governance polices) as a Self-Care tool for patient-generated data and in preparation for connectivity with Healthcare information systems for those user that wish to opt-in.




[1] The NEWS initiative flowed from the Royal College of Physicians’ NEWSDIG report, and was jointly developed and funded in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Nursing, National Outreach Forum and NHS Training for Innovation. © Royal College of Physicians 2012.

26 May 2016