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Does your child have asthma or do you know of a parent whose child has asthma?

Posted on July 23, 2018

We have developed a version of Activ8rlives specifically for parents/carers to support their child(ren) to manage their asthma.

PUFFClicker universal inhaler tracker

Older child taking a PUFFClicker reading – always use a spacer.

Called Asthma+me, it includes a Smart inhaler tracker for the pressurised metered dose inhaler (the cylinder ones) for both the reliever and the preventer, an inbuilt education programme, Peak Flow monitor, BuddyBand2 activity tracker and Body Analyser Smart scales to track exercise and growth.

It also includes an interactive Care Plan and standardised report to give to your Doctor during reviews or emergency consultations (printable and emailable from the App) and alerts for pollen, weather and pollution on the Dashboard in the App.

Parents/carers can view their child’s data remotely and take action to prompt adherence or act if their condition is declining.

The child has their own dedicated Dashboard and can customise the colour scheme and their avatar character.

Parents/Carers can set rewards, which can be earned by the child for reading lessons in the App, taking their meds and readings etc to make it engaging for them.

We are looking for families to act as beta testers and this will include a training course in Cambridgeshire on weekends to help busy parents balance work and home life.

Equipment will be provided on loan free of charge for the duration of the beta testing programme but volunteer families would be expected to attend the 4 hour training course and pay for their own travel costs. It will be fun – we promise!

If you would like to learn more and take part, please call us on 01480 352 821.


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