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Pollution and Respiratory Disease combination causing a lot of health problems

Posted on December 10, 2018

There has been much in the news recently about Pollution and Respiratory Disease combination causing a lot of health problems!

“Pollution and flu bring a steep rise in lung-related illnesses (The Guardian).
The shortage of specialists adds to worries that the surge in respiratory diseases is putting pressure on A&E’s.”

What can we do to help-out?

  1. If we take a preventer inhaler, please use it exactly as prescribed. Don’t skip doses just because you are feeling OK now.
  2. If you haven’t already, get a flu jab, especially if you come into contact with lots of children!
  3. Keep monitoring your vital signs and lung function as an early warning system. Our lung function and blood oxygen can decrease before we actually feel unwell, and days after when we feel unwell we act too late.
  4. Act early. A trip to the GP to get antibiotics and/or steroids to fight-off a chest infection early rather than waiting until it becomes an emergency, means that we recover sooner and is less time consuming for the NHS than if we arrive at Emergency Departments.

Prevent, Monitor and Act-Early are the key watch words if you are susceptible to chest infections during the winter months. Activ8rlives’ Asthma+meTM App and the Activ8rlives PUFFClickerTM bring new levels of awareness to children with Asthma to help them get their asthma back under control.

Prevent, Monitor and Act-Early with Activ8rlives’ Asthma+me App and PUFFClicker


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