Privacy and Cookies Policy


I. Information we receive and how it is used

Information we receive about you

We receive a number of different types of information about you, including:

It also includes the information you choose to share when you take an action, such as when you add data about you.

Your name, profile picture, networks, username, nickname and User ID are treated just like information you choose to make public.

Other information we receive about you

We also receive other types of information about you:

If we ever provide data to our advertising partners or customers, it will only be after we have removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it, or have combined it with other people’s data in a way that it is no longer associated with you. Similarly, when we receive data about you from our advertising partners or customers, we keep the data for 180 days. After that, we combine the data with other people’s data in a way that it is no longer associated with you.

Public information

When we use the phrase “public information” (which we sometimes refer to as “Everyone information”), we mean the information you choose to make public, as well as information that is always publicly available.

Information you choose to make public

Choosing to make your information public is exactly what it sounds like: anyone, including people registered for an Activ8rlives account, may be able to see it.

Choosing to make your information public also means that this information:

External Browsers cannot search Activ8rlives user accounts so your information will not be public beyond those within that you have given permission to view your public information.

Information that is always publicly available

If you are part of a public Group, the types of information listed below are always publicly available only on Activ8rlives, and are treated just like information you decided to make public.

How we use the information we receive

We use the information we receive about you under strict adherence to our Information Governance Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Sales in connection with the services and features we provide to you and other users like your friends, the advertisers that purchase ads on the site, and the developers that build the games, applications, and websites you use. For example, we may use the information we receive about you:

Granting us this permission not only allows us to provide Activ8rlives as it exists today, but it also allows us to provide you with innovative features and services we develop in the future that use the information we receive about you in new ways.

While you are allowing us to use the information we receive about you, you always own all of your information. Your trust is important to us, which is why we don’t share information we receive about you with others unless we have:

Deleting and deactivating your account

If you want to stop using your account, you can either deactivate or delete it.


Deactivating your account puts your account on hold. Other users will no longer see your profile, but we do not delete any of your information. Deactivating an account is the same as you telling us not to delete any information because you might want to reactivate your account at some point in the future. You can deactivate your account by writing to us by email:


When you delete an account, it is permanently deleted from Activ8rlives. It typically takes about one month to delete an account, but some information may remain in backup copies and logs for up to 90 days. You should only delete your account if you are sure you never want to reactivate it. You can delete your account by writing to us at:


Your friends can invite you to the Groups they are in. You can always leave a Group, which will prevent others from adding you to it again. If you are invited to join a group, you do not have to accept this invitation.

Public search engines

Activ8rlives cannot be searched by a public search engine. Neither Your Data or Your Groups are searchable with a public search engine.

II. Minors and safety

We take safety issues very seriously, especially with children, and we encourage parents to teach their children about safe internet practices.

To protect minors, we may put special safeguards in place (such as placing restrictions on the ability of adults to share and connect with them), recognising this may provide minors a more limited experience on Activ8rlives.

III. Some other things you need to know

Responding to legal requests and preventing harm

We may share your information in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so. This may include responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside of the United Kingdom where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognised standards. We may also share information when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activity; to protect ourselves and you from violations of our Rights and Responsibilities; and to prevent death or imminent bodily harm.

Notifications and Other Messages

We may send you notifications and other messages using the contact information we have for you, like your email address. We never share your email address with any third party.

When you invite a friend to join Activ8rlives, we send a message on your behalf using your name, and up to two reminders. The invitation will also give your friend the opportunity to opt out of receiving other invitations to join Activ8rlives.

Memorialising accounts

We may memorialise the account of a deceased person. When we memorialise an account we keep the profile on Activ8rlives. You can report a deceased person’s profile by writing to us by email at: We also may close an account if we receive a formal request from the person’s next of kin.

Service Providers

We may need to give your information to the people and companies that help us provide the services we offer. For example, we may use outside vendors to help host our website, serve photos and videos, process payments, or provide search results. In some cases we provide the service jointly with another company, such as the Amazon Marketplace. In all of these cases our partners must agree to only use your information consistent with the agreement we enter into with them, as well as this privacy policy.


We do our best to keep your information secure, but we need your help to achieve this in the responsible way in which you use our site(s).

Change of Control

If the ownership of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so they can continue to operate the service. But they will still have to honour the commitments we have made in this privacy policy.

Notice of Changes

If we make changes to this Privacy Policy we will notify you by publication here and on the Activ8rlives site. If the changes are material, we will provide you additional, prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances.

Date of Last Revision: July 24th, 2016.