BuddyBand2 Waterproof Activity and Sleep Tracker

Improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing with the BuddyBand2 waterproof Activity and Sleep tracker.

 £59.99  £49.99

Body Analyser

Stylish smart scales to measure weight, body fat, muscle mass and more through body analysis.

 £59.99  £49.99

Blood Pressure2 Monitor

Easy as 1-2-3 with wireless blood pressure and heart rate monitor in 3 easy steps.

 £59.99  £49.99

Pulse Oximeter2

Simple to set up and easy-to-use, allowing you to monitor aspects of your pulmonary and cardiovascular functions.

 £49.99  £39.99

SmartOne Peak Flow & FEV1 Meter

Use the SmartOne Peak Flow to measure lung function, helping to control asthma and other respiratory conditions.

 £99.99  £77.99

Contactless Thermometer

Wireless infrared thermometer for quick and non-invasive measurements of body and room temperature.



The following products are available as consumables or replacement parts for your existing Activ8rlives devices.

Replacement BuddyBand2 Wrist Strap in Black


Replacement BuddyBand2 Wrist Strap in Blue


SmartOne Disposable Turbine and Mouthpiece (Box of 10)


Replacement BuddyBand2 Wrist Strap in Pink


Replacement USB Charging Cable for BuddyBand2


Replacement Belt Clip for BuddyBand2


Replacement Clip for BuddyBand2 Wrist Strap