Monitor Your Child's Asthma
Designed for families - monitor your child's asthma from one App

Asthma+me App

Asthma+me App is a Class I Medical Device self-care solution designed with families in mind, to help manage childhood asthma.

Subscription required. Asthma+me is compatible with devices running iOS 12+ or Android 10+.

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Monitor Your Childs Asthma

Configurable dashboard so all your important data is at your fingertips.

Asthma+me App allows children and young people to configure and personalise their dashboard in an age-appropriate way.

Younger children can have their parent or carer keeping a watchful eye on them and their asthma.

Dashboard reminders to undertake daily and weekly tasks keeps on top of your child’s engagement and learning about their asthma care.

Personal Asthma Action Plan

A customisable, printable in-built care plan to take wherever you go.

Every day asthma care is what you need to do daily to stay well and includes your personal best peak flow, preventer and reliever inhalers and a list of your triggers.

The PAAP or care plan reminds you of symptoms and recognised signs that you are feeling worse and you can take steps straight away to get your asthma back in control and help you feel better.

In the event of you feeling unwell, you can show your PAAP or care plan to an appropriate adult so they know how to help you if you are showing signs of an asthma attack and to follow your PAAP or care plan.

Print out your child’s PAAP or care plan so they can take it with them to school, trips, holiday and sleep overs.

Designed for families

Monitor your child or children with asthma from one App.

Keep track of your child’s medication diaries and remind the family when medications are to be taken and when to order repeat prescriptions.

Questionnaires to check day-to-day control of symptoms, visits to see their healthcare team and when their next Asthma Review is due.

Weather and pollen alerts are included in the Parent Dashboard so family outings can be planned around weather and pollen triggers.

Print out your child’s PAAP or care plan so they can take it with them when they go a stay with other family members.

Multimedia Lessons

Embedded lessons for family orientated asthma course.

A series of short multimedia Lessons are available for you to view and work through as a family.

Age-appropriate and sometimes funny 2-3 minutes long lessons medically approved for best learning about asthma.

Learn together with your child and other family members what Asthma is and what a PAPP or Care Plan is for your child.

A Quiz at the end of each Lesson lights up in Green if they are correctly answered and incorrect answers will light-up in Red and you will be asked to try again.

Behaviour Change

Encourage behaviour change by setting fun rewards.

Set-up a reward for your child to help encourage them to adhere to taking their medication as prescribed by their healthcare team.

Help them to engage in learning more about their asthma so they can self-care for themselves over time.

Help to set rewards together with your child so they earn rewards based on the behaviours you wish to encourage to get their asthma under control.


Printable PDF reports of all your data to share with your healthcare providers.

Reports show physiological data, medication adherence, weight/growth charts and medication diaries generated into a PDF format about yourself or your child.

Easy set–up to schedule a regular Report or an ad hoc report and emailed when it is ready.

The Report is delivered so you may share this with your healthcare team, Asthma Nurse, Hospital Clinician, GP by email or just show this at your next Asthma Review for inclusion your child’s medical records.

Inhaler Adherence

Track inhaler adherence in App or with conncected PUFFClicker.

The PUFFClicker is compatible with preventer inhalers (Seretide® Evohaler®, Flixotide® Evohaler, Clenil® Modulite®, Fostair®, Atimos® Modulite® and Trimbow®) and the reliever inhalers containing Salbutamol (Ivax Salamol® and Ventolin® Evohaler®).

If you use one of these inhalers you should always use a spacer and shake it before every puff to make sure as much medication gets into your lungs where it is most needed.

You can take a puff count, even when you do not have your Smartphone with you as the PUFFClicker holds this in memory until it uploads to your Smartphone.

Registered Trademarks of Chiesi Limited®, GlaxoSmithKline® and Teva Pharmaceuticals®.

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