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A complete @Home monitoring system from Activ8rlives

Lung conditions can affect our ability to breathe and how well the lungs work.

There are many different lung conditions, some of which are caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Others may be linked to environmental factors, including asthma, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Chronic lower respiratory diseases is a set of conditions that includes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Asthma+me App

A complete @Home monitoring system

The Activ8rlives system is a complete @Home monitoring system developed in trials with the NHS, to support people of all ages with their lung conditions.

Asthma+me is a dedicated system for those looking after children who have had asthma attacks.

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Your lung function

Know your numbers

Peak Flow and Forced Expiratory Volume at 1 second. Most lung conditions can be monitored @Home using a spirometer. A decrease in lung function over a few days is a Monitor your lung condition using the Activ8rlives spirometers with the Activ8rlives, Asthma+me or Active+me REMOTE Apps. 

A full lung function assessment can now taken using the Spirometer @Home. In addition to Peak Flow and FEV1, breath curves are measured and other parameters recorded such as Forced Expiration Volume (FVC).

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Monitor Your Blood Oxygen

Health Self-Management

The level of oxygen in your blood is also a measure of how your lungs are functioning and uses pulse oximetry. A decrease in blood oxygen % for adults can indicate that your lung function is declining (not recommended for children unless instructed by their doctor).

Monitor aspects of your pulmonary and cardiovascular functions with our Pulse Oximeter3 device inconjunction with the Activ8rlives4 Health⁺Wellness App.

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Healthy Weight

Being a healthy weight will improve the health of most people. Rapid weight changes can also indicate a change in health.

Use the Activ8rlives Body Analyser to track your weight, BMI, body composition.




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Be Active Everyday

Being physically active every day improves our health. Use the BuddyBand2 wrist activity tracker or the Activ8rlives4 Health⁺Wellness App to track how active you are each day. Use the weather warnings and pollution alerts in the Asthma+me* and Active+me REMOTE* Apps to check if exercising outside is healthy. 

Note: * Asthma+me and Active+me REMOTE Apps are subscription-based.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Active+me REMOTE App Pulmonary

Following a flare-up (or exacerbation) of an adult lung condition, a programme of education, exercise and support will help with your recovery. If continued, this improves health long-term

The evidence-based Active+me REMOTE Pulmonary Recovery System is a complete pulmonary rehabilitation system for use at home:

  • Active+me REMOTE App subscription (12 months).
  • Body Analyser.
  • Pulse Oximeter (blood oxygen).
  • SmartOne or Spirometer @Home monitor.
  • Two PUFFClicker3 Inhaler Dose Counters compatiable with pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDI) and dry powder inhalers (DPI).
  • Full education programme delivered in small lessons via the Active+me REMOTE App.
  • Interactive Exercise Videos by a qualified instructor which get more energetic as fitness and strength increases.
  • Start-up and training manual printed in colour.
  • Telephone call to help you get started.

If you also have lung problems, you may be also interested in the Thermometer.

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